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Classes are available online or in class. In-class courses are held in Cleveland. 

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Saturday-Sep 14

Hilton Garden Inn Airport
4900 Emerald Court SW
(I-480 & Grayton Road)
Cleveland, Ohio 44135
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How to Obtain and Ohio Dealers License
1. Complete Dealer Training Course
2. Register with Ohio Secretary of State
3. Obtain Federal Employment Number and Ohio Vendor Number
4. Obtain $25,000 Dealer Surety Bond ($200 to $300 with good credit)
5. Find Location Zoned For Dealers License
6. Submit Application with Photographs of Location
7. Make $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Dealer Training Podcast

Ohio Dealer License Training

View either dealer video to learn more about obtaining an Ohio Dealer License or click on the Ohio Dealer License FAQ

Delus Johnson

Delus Johnson, Lead Instructor of the Automobile Dealer Training Association, covers the initial process of obtaining an Ohio Dealers License. Much more content is covered in greater detail in your dealer llicense training course.

Delus Johnson

Instructor Johnson discusses how Federal Laws affect the operation of a dealership in the State of Ohio. State and Federal laws will be covered extensively in your Ohio Dealer License Class.

Ohio Dealer License Training Testimonials

Read what Ohio dealers are saying about the Ohio Dealer License Training

Michael Griffin-Cincinnati, Ohio

This class was amazing. I really recommend this class to anyone looking to expand in the automotive field.

    Oscar Jones-Maple Heights, Ohio

    The instructor was very informative, I feel that I am prepared to begin my business of selling used vehicles and obtaining my license after attending the class.

      Robert Neff-Dayton, Ohio

      Learned alot! I think EVERY dealer, even grandfathered ones should HAVE to take this class before getting your dealers license.

        Andrew Schiffer-Holmes, Ohio

        Good class. Professional, good information for starting your used auto dealership. Nice Venue.

        Alan Hale-Iberia, Ohio

        Worth every penny. Well instructed

        Paul Katsiadas-Lake Placid, Ohio

        It was one of the best classes I ever attended. Very informative

        Esse Munobe-Columbus, Ohio

        Beneficial. Informative. The information pondered is very useful. Great for any dealer starting up.

Nathan Kirby-Richwood, Ohio

Excellent Dealer Class! Alot of information that I never would have known without it.

    Kimberly Claypoole-Lorain, Ohio

    Easy to follow along, dealer laws were explained clearly, and instructor was open to questions and willing to provide clear answers to help with the license.

      Earl Brunson-Cincinnati, Ohio

      Really enjoyed the class today. Learned alot of detailed information about starting a dealer lot. Job Well Done

        Christopher Chandler-Cincinnati, Ohio

        Great course. Very informal on becoming and understanding laws and rules for a used dealer license.

        Jeremy Barkheimer-Mineral City, Ohio

        Very thorough compared to other training providers in area.

        Margo Fowler-Toledo, Ohio

        I found the class very informative and our instructor very knowledgeable. All of my questions were answered by the material in the dealer training manual or by the instructor.

        Barbara Clifford-Mason, Ohio

        The trainer was very thorough

Automobile Dealer Training Association

Ohio Dealer License Classes

The Automobile Dealer Training Association is located in Dayton, Ohio and is approved by the State of Ohio to provide your mandatory used dealer license training. Beginning January 1, 2015 any person obtaining an Ohio Used Dealer License is required to take a 6 hour Ohio Used Dealer License Course. The class can be taken online and dealer classes are held throughout Ohio so you may find a used dealer license class near you. In class we will walk you through the entire licensure process including minimum dealer lot requirements, paperwork requirements, vendor license application, registration with the Ohio Secretary of State, the title re-sale application process, and much, much more. When you complete your training you will be confident and ready to operate a profitable Ohio Used Dealership. We are here to help you obtain your Ohio Dealers License!!!

Contact Us

Auto Dealer Training Assn.
4031 Colonel Glenn Highway
Just South East of Wright Patterson AFB
Dayton, Ohio 45431

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